Sepp Hackhofer - Lily of the Valley


In the last two months, during the corona-restrictions I´ve used my time for walks around the closer parts of our town and enjoyed getting to know my little world much better. Two weeks ago I found the sprouds of the Lily of the valley, which we call “Maiglöckchen” (May-bell). I decided to try a nice photograph of this elegant forest-flower and just perfect for publishing on Naturephotoblog I found first blossoming flowers today. This Lily has an intense sweet smell and is highly toxic, but beautiful.

Location: Bruneck, Südtirol, Italy

Tags: flowers, lily of the valley, spring

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  1. John Plant said:

    08/05/2020 21:26

    Lovely image, Covid lockdown is making so many of us much more aware of the beauty of things we have previously overlooked