Oriol Alamany - Geladas in the mist


The gelada (Theropithecus gelada) or gelada baboon, is a monkey found only in the Ethiopian Highlands. Geladas are actually not baboons but the only living members of the genus Theropithecus. Like its close relatives the baboons (genus Papio), it is largely terrestrial, spending much of its time foraging in grasslands. Last September, the participants in our photo tour to the Ethiopia mountains and me spend a lot of time laying on the ground taking photos among the peaceful groups of these wonderful primates. The photo is taken at more than 3000 meters of altitude.

Location: Ethiopia highlands

Tags: Africa, baboon, ethiopia, Gelada baboon, highlands, mist, mountains, Wildlife

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  1. Ana said:

    10/10/2019 15:21

    Beautiful photograph! Congrats and thanks for sharing it. It was a magic moment of my day..!