Sepp Hackhofer - Blue hour


It´s 2:30 in the morning, as usual when I´ve got something in mind, I wake up just a few minutes before the clock rings. A quick look out of the window tells me, the sky is clear, maybe not wath I had expected, but the backpack is prepared. So I am going anyway. Breakfast, then a half hour drive. By four I am starting on my ski´s. Temperature is About -7° Celsius. A good temperature for walking. The cameragear is heavy, but I take my time. It takes me about two hours for the 1000 meters of altitude. It´s peaceful, only the wind is blowing, no signs of an animal. At 6:00 I am up on the peak, just as it is getting slowly grey, or blue, or-, just before the sun is coming out, slightly red. Most of the time just before sunrise is the best for me. And I love waking up this way. Up here I am feeling so small and humble in front of this majestic scenery. And.., I`m enjoying a good cup of tea, nice and hot out here in the cold.

Location: Kleiner Jaufen, Dolomites, Prags, Italy

Tags: dolomites, Dolomites-Unesco World Heritage, Naturpark Fanes Sennes Prags, Neuner, Sas dles Nü

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