Angel Fitor - The Nature of Science


I can hardly imagine a creature who might embody the fusion between science and art better than Pegea confoederata, a colonial sea salp whose translucent clones arrange in a perfect spiral as it grows in length.
These mysterious beings from the open ocean are bloomers with complex, largely unknown life cycles, that appear when certain oceanographic conditions gather, and then disappear as if they never existed.
The Ocean doesn’t cease nurturing our astonishment, dreams and hopes, and so it does evidence our true position in this Planet.

Location: Mediterranean sea, Spain

Tags: Angel Fitor, invertebrate, pelagic, salp, spiral, tunicate, underwater

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  1. Maca du PĂ©rou said:

    07/03/2019 07:34

    Keep up the outstanding job !! Lovin' it!