Angel Fitor - The Human Nature


That day I went for ancient beauties, but found contemporary sea monsters instead…

The plastic pollution issue is changing the face of the seas in a way that now bags, bottles, fishing gear, and every type of imaginable floating rubish draw an uncertain, cloudy future to the largest, most determinant ecosystem on Earth.

Location: Mediterranean sea, Spain

Tags: Angel Fitor, plastic, pollution, splitlevel, underwater

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  1. Alyssa DSB-Klinec said:

    06/11/2018 19:49

    Heartbreaking to see the garbage in our once pristine oceans. Your talented photography is luminous, awe inspiring, and extraordinary. You can make a garbage bag look beautiful. Heartbreakingly beautiful.

  2. Wasdroger said:

    15/11/2018 08:19

    Beautifil picture.