Sepp Hackhofer - Above the clouds


Autumn is the time when on some days thick covers of clouds are hanging on the sky. People in the valley below think of bad weather, but sometimes it is just about getting high enough to be above, looking into a sea of clouds. Here we look from 2600 m of altitude in the Dolomites towards “Hochgall”, a peak a few km north of the Dolomites, close to 3500 m high and nearly ten times younger, only About 35 Millions of years. As always it´s fantastic, when you dont stand in the fog freezing. We´re getting close to the cold season….

Location: Sas dles Nü, Dolomites, Val Badia, South Tyrol, Italy

Tags: dolomites, Dolomites-Unesco World Heritage, Hochgall, mountains

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