Sepp Hackhofer - Pineforest in fog


In the Dolomites, Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) are growing either on dry slopes or in rather humid areas. After good winters with lots of snow plenty of winter heath (Erica carnea) is flowering in the undergrowth and fits perfect with the reddish trunks of the trees. A characteristic bird of these forests is the Crested Tit (Parus cristatus). I love it in foggy conditions, which are not so easy to get, especially as I have to be at work five days a week and usually only get the Saturdays for my photography.

Location: Dolomites, Al Plan de Mareo, South Tyrol, S├╝dtirol, Italy

Tags: dolomites, fog, Pine-Forest, Scots pine, spring, Winter-Heath

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