Angel Fitor - Layers of life


A seahorse clings onto a colonial tunicate, which in turn has grown around a seagrass stem in the shallows of Mar Menor coastal lagoon. This is how life thrives; in layers.
Like masterpieces of painting, tones are carefully shaped by overlaying layers of primary colours in a way that an image becomes truth from the immaterial reality on a painter’s mind.
But Nature is a slow painter. Most of the times its artwork takes millennia to develop, and the result is only a still image of a work in progress endlessly.
Richest and most complex ecosystems on Earth are in fact the most aged, so their recovery in case of loss, if feasible, measures in time lapses that are out of our fleeting human understanding.
In 2016, a massive algae bloom product of a few decades of abuses, wiped out almost all life in the lagoon that had been slowly maturing since time of the Romans.

Location: Mediterranean sea, Spain

Tags: Angel Fitor, seahorse, underwater

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