Ari-Matti Nikula - Kiutaköngäs Impression


Kiutaköngäs Rapids in Kuusamo is maybe one of the most photographed place in Kuusamo. We have also visited there several times in different seasons. It is always fascinating to create impressions there!

Kiutaköngäs information:
The name of Kiutaköngäs says a lot, as the word “giuuhta” in the Sámi language refers to a deep gorge. Keävngis (köngäs) in turn refers to a large waterfall. In fact, Kiutaköngäs is not a uniform waterfall, but a series of drops in which the water of the Oulankajoki River falls down a total of 14 metres within a distance of 325 metres. The first drop of Kiutaköngäs is the largest one, as the water drops at least four meters within a short distance.

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