Bruno D'Amicis - Meet the neighbors


This year a pair of barn owls has chosen to nest in an abandoned house right in front of my door. Of course they could not know that this was the address of a nature photographer, so they must have been surprised to find many evenings someone sitting quiet and sharing with them the coolness of the night. On the other hand, they’ve been very obliging, completely ignoring my presence and allowing me to get a few shots with just the ambient light (street lights).

Nature is like this. You can surely plan your next encounter as much as you want, but it’ll be always her to decide what, when and where. And I am lucky to have spent time close to these discreet yet magnificent birds. And to have witnessed the ghost-like flight as their white wings crossed the black sky and contended the Moon her title of Beauty of the Night.


Location: Abruzzo, Italy

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