Angel Fitor - Purpose and meaning


In a finite world where almost everything has been scanned following conventional paths, high magnification photomacrography offers a journey back into our own coarse footprints to double check for the unobvious, to feel the unfelt, and eventually to nurture our knowledge and excite our imagination, by the way, the ultimate purposes of exploration and artistic creation.

Underwater, reproductions above 3:1, perhaps 4:1, are extremelly challenging to carry out, with a plethora of technical and environmental limitations circling everywhere around. However, with the right mind and technical setups, the doors open to a new world that delivers a genuine feeling of discovery, from an individual point of view at least, not too different indeed from that of the greatest.

Image shows the polyps of briozoan Myriapora truncata in the field as seen at 8:1 magnification ratio. In other words, it is depicting a 4.5 mm section of the secret forest lying among the branches of this ordinary, yet beautiful coral-like organism. A truly epic exploration … in the backyard.

Location: Mediterranean sea, Spain

Tags: Angel Fitor, briozoan, macrophotography, Myriapora, underwater

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