Roy Mangersnes - The dragon’s lair


Dragons do exist! They may not fly or breath fire like in the stories I was told when I was a child, but even still they have fascinated me for years. At 3 meters and a whooping 70 kilograms they do have the same attraction as the dragons of legends.

When I stepped on to the shore of Rinca Island in Komodo national park I felt a chill down my spine, knowing I was stepping into the dragon’s lair without a golden armor or shiny¬†sword. I did have my cameras though and I am happy I did. What an amazing place and what amazing creatures. My visit was short¬†and intense but the dragons still follow me in my dreams, however not like they did when I was a child – huffing and puffing at my heals.

Location: Komodo NP, Indonesia

Tags: Dragon, Komodo, lizard, monitor

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