Bruno D'Amicis - Bruno D’Amicis – For a different New Year


Once again I have the “duty” to close the calendar year of Nature Photo Blog with an image of mine. I have chosen a recent picture I took in the Gran Paradiso National Park (Italy) of an alpine chamois under an intense snowfall for the project “L’Altro Versante” ( It is a straightforward winter image but I would like to use it to convey some different New Year’s greetings. I believe we all have been living an intense year, full of sorrow and uncertainty. The ease of access to the news has made us thoroughly informed but also very prone to be touched by too many challenging inputs and negative energy. I find myself often reflecting at once about all the evil existing in the world, both far away on a war frontline or close home where we fight for nature conservation. It takes a lot of effort and time to be concerned and often it distracts me for the simplicity of life and the joy of being on this Planet. Happiness is not a superficial thing, but a very hard to earn discipline. I am not saying to ignore the problems, but to find the strength to face them within ourselves and through mindfulness. And nature, in its perennial distance and complexity might give us a different perspective, both humbling and empowering. Let it be our teacher once again!

May this New Year bring all of you peace and serenity, but also wildness and mindfulness!


Bruno D’Amicis – /

Location: Gran Paradiso NP, Italian Alps

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  1. Johan said:

    31/12/2016 11:05

    Lovely image Bruno ... as always ! And AMEN to your words. A happy and peaceful 2017 to you and the rest of the NaturePhotoBlog aswell. Kind Regards Johan