Cindy Jeannon - Connexion


“I united with the sky, my purveyor of new dreams. The aurora borealis lit up the clouds and drew arabesques. My heart felt as wide as these clouds filling the entire space as if to protect it, wrapping themselves around the Moon as to embrace it, and I felt deep love for the Earth, the Sky, the Ocean, Lifeā€¦ You.”

from book “The Wind of Dreams” :

Picture from a double exposure to symbolize connexion Human and Nature

Location: Iceland

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  1. Federico Palmero said:

    22/12/2016 12:15

    I find this picture very suggestive, filled with an oniric and mystical atmosphere, and with the will of sending a clear message to the mind of the viewer. Congratulations, an image well achieved.

  2. Cindy Jeannon said:

    23/12/2016 19:42

    Thanks Frederico. Cindy