Angel Fitor - Paleophotography


One of the most stifling feelings I have felt during my career, is the possibility that we photographers could be as a matter of fact acting as historians of Nature. Artisans of light, witnessing a decaying world for the future generations who eventually might only find a glimpse of the past watching into our visual records. Most of the time I found this horrible nightmare just a pessimistic waste product within the mind of an overall hopeful person, until now.
These gentle couple of courting seahorses vanishing on its biotope, and its future offspring as well, are now a memory of the past. They lived in Mar Menor, largest coastal lagoon in Europe, once said holding the greatest seahorse colony in the world. Mar Menor is now a moribund lagoon filled in murky water because of a dramatic compendium of actions, and inactions, that in 2015 ended up by the destruction of such a unique and unrepeatable ecosystem.

Location: Mediterranean sea, Spain

Tags: Angel Fitor, conservation, Mar Menor, seahorse, underwater

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  1. Denny said:

    06/12/2016 01:54

    You should check out Earth.TheWonder on Instagram. Amazing photos of our planet, It is just a starting account but it has a lot of potential in the coming years! I'm sure you will enjoy every photo. Denny