Bruno D'Amicis - A bit of nostalgia


This picture has been taken almost five years ago. I vividly remember that day, one of the very many spent after my beloved Apennine chamois, following them into their mountain “realm”… Chamois have dragged me to the most beautiful places of my region and to witness the purest light and atmospheres, and I will be for ever grateful for that.

It was a period of ease and full-time commitment to photography for me.  Things have changed a lot since those days: this profession is getting harder and harder, competition is huge and sometimes one pauses to reflect about the significance a hard-won image might still retain nowadays in a world bombed by visuals… Yes, I am a bit nostalgic.

So let me share with you this moving autumn evening of the past, when my eyes were just full of awe and my heart closer to the sky.

Location: Abruzzo, Italy

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  1. Johan said:

    31/10/2016 21:10

    Great Image Bruno, even without the Chamois ! It can be very pleasing indeed to browse through your images, there are always images which put a smile on your face again. btw: I also like your other Chamois pictures on your webiste, great stuff ! Regards

  2. Niall Benvie said:

    02/11/2016 13:03

    Hi Bruno It's significance is not least in the fact that the image was hard won and therefore not easily replicated. I think it is SO important that the story that accompanies these images is told too. Best Niall

  3. René said:

    02/11/2016 15:18

    Yes there is competition. But don't forget there are very few who can describe nature (both by pictures and text) like you can!