Oriol Alamany - The island


(This is my 100th photograph in NPB, where I started publishing in 2012. Thanks to all my fellow photographers of this website for showing us every day an exciting fragment of true wild nature, and to my wife Eulàlia for being with me in almost each of the one hundred photographs I have posted here.)


I have spent many years photographing islands, these intriguing pieces of land lost in the ocean. Arctic to the Antarctic, from east to west I visited and photographed islands of all types and characters. At first it was a mere interest in remote and isolated places, but gradually it has grown into a more complex personal photographic project. I do not know how many years I’ll work on it, but the project is slowly taking shape.

The image from this past summer shows the small Vi∂oy island in the Faroe archipelago in a stormy day.

Location: Vi∂oy island, Faroe islands archipelago

Tags: archipelago, Atlantic Ocean, clouds, denmark, faroe, Faroe islands, island, sea, storm

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