Sepp Hackhofer - Blue hour


Starting to walk in darkness,  my eyes adapting slow to the little light that comes from the stars. Dolomitic rock or limestone is bright, it seems to start to shine with only a glimpse of light. Whenever I can I walk without an artificial light, but carry one with me; just in case. Moving up some tricky passages, secured with a rope. Then an hour before the sun will come up, I´m standing on top and know exactly why I´m here. It is magic, every time, magic to overlook what from below seems sometimes threatening. Here a view from “Paternkofel/ Monte Paterno” towards Marmarole, Cridola and Monte Prete. Impressive Peaks of the Dolomites

Tags: blue hour, dolomites, Dolomites-Unesco World Heritage, Landscape, Marmarole

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  1. Ines said:

    12/10/2016 09:51

    Thank you for sharing the magic of the blue hour. Thank you for the effort you and the photographers on this blog take to capture beauty. And for giving us the chance to take part of this beauty.