Zoltán Gergely Nagy - End of an era


Some brilliant news, hopefully a sign of things to come:


In a somewhat unexpected move, the Romanian Environmental Ministry has just banned trophy hunting of large carnivores in Romania! Being protected species, hunting in a traditional sense has already been banned for many years, but under the pretext of damages done by large carnivores, special hunting quotas were given each year, to allow the shooting of hundreds of bears and wolves. Instead of taking out the problem animals the hunters were only focused on trophies, and selling hunting rights to foreign hunters. This is what will be changing, with the introduction of a new nation wide network of ‘Wildlife Emergency Responders’, analysing wildlife damages on an individual basis!


Feeding wild boars and bears near the villages in Transylvania became a widespread practice during the Ceausecu regime, and I have found it important to include it in my story about the bears of the Carpathian Mountains.  With this in camera multiexposure I tried to capture the essence of these forests, because I truly believe in the words of David Quammen, and a Romanian shepherd : “A forest without bears is empty”.

Location: Transylvania, Romania

Tags: bear, forest, Multiexposure, Romania, Transylvania

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