Angel Fitor - Parallel worlds


Sometimes frustration is the path to finding the way. In January 2015 I was working in Mar Menor, largest european coastal lagoon, involved on a personal project about jellyfish, the most prominent life form living on it. I knew in advance that winter was the worst period for the invertebrates as its population drastically drops due to cooling water. However, the chance for finding a few of them still alive, in combination with the unique wintery lights was worth the try. After three days unsuccessfully wandering around the lagoon while getting real cold, sleeping in my car, and eating sandwiches, I realized that the balance between time investment and results was not promising. Refusing to accep it I did a last walk on the very shallows of the lagoon, and finally sat on the sand at the end of the day to bring with me at least a beautiful sunset before leaving. And then I started tying up the very simple loose ends I had in front of me: sand, light, and a thin layer of water.

Location: Mediterranean sea, Spain

Tags: Angel Fitor, reflection, sand ripples, underwater

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