Werner Bollmann - The Secretive One


There might be not a single patch of forest in the north without a woodcock, but this species’ behaviour is so inconspicious one could nearly think it is rather rare. At the moment thousands and thousands of these birds are flying southwards, unseen, unheard, their migration as discreet as the rest of their secretive life…


An image from our chapter Silent Forests from LYS…


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Location: Sweden

Tags: forest, scolopax rusticola, woodcock, woods

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  1. Niall Benvie said:

    04/10/2016 19:09

    Werner, this is very clever, very real, all about elusiveness. Masterful. I like it very much!

  2. Werner Bollmann said:

    05/10/2016 15:37

    Dear Niall, thank you so much! Although this shot was planned (waiting at the right place at the right time) I had so much luck to get the bird between the trees and not in front of the clear sky...