Werner Bollmann - The Shadow


The king of the vast forests, mysterious and powerful, an icon of the untamed northern nature and one of my favourites in our new coffee-table book LYS …

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Location: Finland

Tags: brown bear, darkness, forest, lys, night, taiga, ursus arctos

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  1. Johan Van Hoof said:

    04/09/2016 14:35

    A stunning and mystical LYS-image once again ! I have just ordered you guys new book and really looking forward to it, since I have falling in love with Scandinavia many years ago. The coffee has already hit the table ... so now the only which I need is the new LYS-book :-) ;-) Congrats and the best of luck with your project ! Kind Regards Johan

  2. Werner Bollmann said:

    04/09/2016 17:01

    Dear Johan, thank you so much! This is really an exciting and very special time in my life - after all these years it feels like "giving birth" to LYS ;)

  3. João Almeida said:

    05/09/2016 14:47

    I don't like to use the word stunning, but it's the case here. Much more than a bear photo, there's so much being told here. Congrats!

  4. Werner Bollmann said:

    05/09/2016 17:12

    Dear João, so good to hear! I could just say that I was SO happy to capture this situation as I did not wanted to take just a "bear picture", but rather the "idea" of a bear...