Sepp Hackhofer - Sun-painting on the Dolomites


One can walk up the mountain 50 times or more. Every time it will be different.  I love the blue hour, but also the fast changing light, ones the sun comes out. Even landscape-photographers become quick in these situations. On the Picture; Fanes Sennes Prags – Natureparc with “Zehnerkofel/ Sasso delle dieci”, “Neunerkofel/ Sasso delle nove” (in the shadow) and the “Geislerspitzen/ Le Odle” (Natureparc Puez Geisler) in the sun.

Location: Dürrenstein, Prags, Italy

Tags: dolomites, Fanes Sennes Prags, Landscape, Nature Parc, Puez Geisler, Unesco World Heritage

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  1. Agnes said:

    09/08/2016 08:30

    Sunpainting is a good title for this image. The layers of rich orange and the softer ones define contours and textures. It's magic. And it's sensual. Yes, the sun paints. And it seems to caress too.