Joanna Antosik - Treebeard


The photo was taken in a beech forest in the Little Carpathians, Slovakia. I wanted to show the beech forest in a different way. That’s why I went to the woods to shoot when it was already dark. Forest at night is amazing.

I did some test shots without backlight trunk. Unfortunately, the results were not good. Despite a few minutes of exposure trunk came out completely black. That night was a full moon but the sky was overcast and there was a little moonlight. That’s why I decided to take a picture of lighted trunk. Trunk of the tree was illuminated by a flashlight. The photo was taken for a long time. Exposure time is 93s. But the trunk illuminated only several seconds.

The touch of light in the middle of the trunk leads the eye to the top, to the crown of the tree. I used a wide angle lens with a focal length of 8mm. This makes the tree look monumental. That’s why I think the tree looks like Treebeard.

Location: Modra, Slovakia

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