Alex Mustard - A New Home


A pair of bar jacks (Caranx ruber) hunting silversides (Atherinidae) inside the wreck of the USS Kittiwake. The Kittiwake, a US Military submarine rescue vessel, was sunk in 2011. Marine life quickly moved in. This picture was taken 3 years later, with both fish and invertebrateĀ life already calling the wreck home.

Location: Kittiwake Wreck, Cayman Islands

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  1. Micro Paywall said:

    13/06/2016 12:33

    Great photo! The bar jack can eat up to 7% of its body weight per day. Doesn't look good for those silversides!

  2. FPGA said:

    14/06/2016 01:44

    wow, hard to make underwater shots, this one is nice