Sepp Hackhofer - Morning in the Dolomites


Early morning up on a Dolomite-mountain. For two hours I´ve been walking through the dark. I´ve seen some stars shining through the cloudcover. Promising conditions. Every time it is an adventure. Will the sun come out? Will the light be good? Will there be fog? Early birds sing. The Alpine Ring Ouzel is always the first to raise it´s voice, then the Black Redstart, Northern Wheatear, familiar voices, beautiful Sound. Sometimes I walk home without a Picture, but never without an experience. It´s good to be out there, peaceful, calm.

Tags: dolomites, Hohe Gaisl, Landscape, mountains

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  1. Aaron Cunningham said:

    11/06/2016 22:57

    stunning. being a city boy I never get to see this type of beauty. absolutely amazing.