Angel Fitor - Cheers!


A baby octopus uses an empty beer bottle as shelter. A sophisticated cousin of snails and clams, octopuses developed an unmatched intelligence among invertebrates in order to supply the natural protection of their armoured relatives. Overall, marine garbage is among the greatest environmental issues oceans confront today, however, at least for this tiny creature, someone´s spree on board a yatch might have given him a better chance of survival.

Location: Mediterranean sea, Spain

Tags: Angel Fitor, invertebrate, octopus, trash, underwater

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  1. Teresa N Castaneda said:

    07/04/2016 12:53

    Ángel, you were born to spread the word marine creatures can't, where the intricate miracle of their existence depends on humans empathy, deep admiration and respect for them. Your unforgettable images portrait and carry on that message, making us reflect that the ocean is much more than an utilitarian resource for us, but the source of life and health for the whole planet. Teresa N Castaneda