Angel Fitor - Kindergarten


Nature´s sophistication is sometimes able to make real even the weirdest of dreams. In lake Tanganyika, a gigantic playground for evolution´s vagaries, mouthbrooding cichlids represents the quintessensce of parental care in the world of fishes. Haplotaxodon microlepis, one of them, guards up to 200 fry in-mouth during their first crucial few weeks of life in order to keep them apart from the many predators performing on the crowded underwater stage of the deepest lake in Africa.

Location: Lake Tanganyika. Central Tanzanian coast.

Tags: Angel Fitor, behaviour, breeding, cichlid, fish, freshwater, Lake, Tanganyika, underwater

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  1. Werner said:

    05/03/2016 10:28

    What a beautiful combination of interesting behaviour and aesthetic photography!

  2. Angel Fitor said:

    05/03/2016 21:53

    Lovely rewarding comment Werner, specially for someone who understand a substantial part of nature photography exactly like that. Thank you!