Bruno D'Amicis - The legacy of a vision


By painting with the warm light of a pocket lamp during the blue hour, I’ve tried to bring to “life” some rather silent red deer carved 2-3,000 years ago on a boulder in the Val Camonica of Northen Italy. I was there for a mission for “L’Altro Versante” project together with the friend and fellow photographer Andrea Zampatti. With a small ladder, a tall tripod and a tilt/shift lens we’ve managed to increase our height a little and include the peak of a famous mountain, the “Concarena”, in the background. And this to give the rock art the necessary context. The result wants to be a tribute to these extraordinary artists of the Prehistory. The legacy of their vision is something that we, nature photographer, should everyday hone.

Location: Val Camonica, Lombardia, Italy

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