Angel Fitor - A window to heaven


Seahorses are extremely shy creatures whose lives entirely rely on their discretion. To some extent, it might be said they are among the most difficult sea creatures to portrait, not only because of the difficulty to find them out while perfectly melted within their environment, but also because their natural behaviour against any potential threat use to be giving it their spiny back, and throwing body to earth. Within the years, I have learnt that trying to force a seahorse to pose is, beyond unethical, totally useless, since a stressed animal will never deliver a faithful, honest, and hence good image. And that the only valid portraiture strategy when dealing with them is patience, I would say insane amounts of patience. Long waits up to several hours just lying motionless in front of them are common during my seahorse attempts, and most of them use to be unsuccessful. But from time to time, squeezing the limits of perseverance, and entering the field of luck, it is possible to find a seahorse in a picturesque natural setup, and cooperative enough to create unique images. This is what I found last year while exploring a shallow cave in which ceiling there was a beautiful aperture to heaven. After a couple of hours contemplating her static beauty, this gorgeous female decided to slowly swim towards the opposite wall of the cave. At that fleeting magical moment, each of us to our own way, certainly touched Heaven.

Location: Mediterranean sea, Spain

Tags: Angel Fitor, blue, cave, seahorse, underwater, yellow

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  1. Marcia said:

    16/01/2016 18:45

    You are very patient and that patience paid off. Your reward is our admiration of this lovely photo you created. Thank You!