Cindy Jeannon - The enchantment of the night


Next night will be the longest of the year, the one of the winter’s solstice. The night is my favorite inspiration. This is a fascinating world of silence where lies humans movements to let the Wild goes. Into the great spaces, this movement becomes more and more mysterious, it seems to connect ourselves to the Spirits of Nature.

Last winter in Norway, I lived for 3 weeks at the edge of a huge frozen lake. Silence lets all the power of the ice crunches. The low temperature, the lake’s frozen pores skin retract more and more and waves spread to sing a universal breathing. I walk on the lake and its echo comes deep into my heart. Set here, like the ice, this vastness makes me dizzy of a limitless freedom.

Location: Norway

Tags: clouds, frozen lake, ice, Lake, moon, night, Norway

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  1. François Lagane said:

    21/12/2015 18:17

    Merveilleux. Jolie photo .