Bruno D'Amicis - Time for Wolves


Cold, wind and rain with maybe even fog or snow added, constitute “time for wolves” in Italian folk wisdom, where the words “time” and “weather” have the same meaning. These miserable weather conditions are thought to be favourable for “packs” of wolves to set out hunting and to “come down from the mountains” to get closer to flocks of sheep and human dwellings, spreading fear and destruction. This is the weather in which it is better to stay home, warm and safe…

On the other hand, I have discovered that the time for wolves is something quite different. The difference lies all in that word for. In my world, the time for wolves is that precious part of life for which it is hard to find space in a hectic modern life, a time that is devoted entirely to the search for a direct experience of wilderness. […]

This time for wolves became the time of sweat on my back in the mountain sun and of cramps in my legs during long walks in the snow. It was the time of nights spent outside and of the alarm that

goes off at impossible times; of boredom during long waits and of the uncontainable joy when discovery came. In retrospect it is both the time of solitude and of shared adventures. It’s the time of rapid heartbeats and of delusions; of the here and now, without the weight of the past nor thoughts of the future. It’s the time of youth and, maybe, it was the best time of my life.

(Time for Wolves is the title of my latest book. If you’re interested, look for more information on my website.)

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  1. Johan Van Hoof said:

    31/10/2015 12:26

    Stunning image Bruno and nice text as well ! Like it alot ! Kind Regards Johan

  2. Christian Morawitz said:

    31/10/2015 13:17

    Absolute fascinating! It is one of the most amazing images from your project about wolves. Best regards Christian

  3. Marc Steichen said:

    01/11/2015 19:04

    Extraodrinary photo Bruno !

  4. cindra broenner said:

    02/11/2015 16:17

    please help save these wolves...

  5. saul ripamonti said:

    03/11/2015 20:27

    Amazing work and images. Delicate and powerful at the same time. Thanks. Saul R.