Theo Bosboom - Split level autumn view


This is a picture of my project ‘the journey of the autumn leaves’ that is included in my new photo book Dreams of wilderness that just came out. In the project I have tried to photograph autumn from under water, in mountain stream La Hoegne in the Belgian Ardennes and in De Leuvenumse beek in the Netherlands. It was a challenging project with many technical and other difficulties to overcome, but it has resulted in some images that I believe provide a fresh view on autumn. This image was taken half above half under water. On the upper part of the picture you see the reflection of autumn trees in the water and in the other part the leaves that have fallen from these trees into the water.

Location: Leuvenumse beek, the Netherlands

Tags: autumn, brook, fall, Holland, leaves, reflection, water

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  1. Franco said:

    11/10/2015 22:40

    Hey,, really amazing photo!! So pretty!! I wish one day that I can take as beautiful photos as you!!

  2. Paul Boyden said:

    13/10/2015 13:57