Angel Fitor - Worshiper of the sun


Runner crabs are extremely shy and elusive creatures. They are pure rock dwellers living on the surge zone, where they mainly graze on the dense algal carpet growing under the strong influence of direct sun light. In the morning of this year´s July 12th., I woke up on a small temporary beach in the Sierra Helada range (southeast Spain) after sleeping there beside my kayak during a short working trip in the area. That night the waves had brought a dead fish near my sandy bed, and several runner crabs were taking the change for a different meal, a bit too far from their rocky domains. The dawn had simply caught them out of place, and I wanted to take my chance as well. As I approached, they started running very fast towards the nearby rocks, all but one, who ran in the opposite direction. Once I reached him, he stopped and lifted up his tweezers against the sun, offering me a sight as unusual as metaphorical of this little worshiper of the sun.

Location: Mediterranean sea, Spain

Tags: Angel Fitor, behaviour, crab, dawn, sand

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