Cindy Jeannon - Iceland, Land of energies


Last year, at the beginning of my trip in Iceland, I’ve discovered fields of lava.

We were at the beginning of August. At that time, the newest field of lava was Krafla. Even if I hoped, I didn’t know that I will see a new eruption and a new molding field of lava, a few days later. The field in Krafla was continuously smoking. Because of the colder air, I came back in the evening to have a deep look to the intensity of this « mist of lava ». I was waiting for the sun set, for the color light.

It was a magic moment ! I was alone. The landscape turned to black and gold, constantly moving… I’m always inspired by wild nature with movement, by magic atmospheres. I feel often on an other planet with a strong energy.

Tags: golden light, Iceland, lava, smoke

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  1. Jennifer said:

    21/05/2015 15:46

    So beautiful I look forward to following you