Angel Fitor - The green pixie


Posidonia oceanica is a marine plant endemic to the Mediterranean which has shaped the entire fate of its habitat and their dwellers for the last 120 million of years. It is an extraordinary milestone in the evolution of life on Earth as well; a plant who retraced the path by returning to the sea. And at some point during this epic journey, a tiny fish learnt how to make a living on their one centimeter wide leaves. Regarded as the smallest vertebrate in Europe, and among the tiniest in the world, Opeatogenys gracilis, the Posidonia clingfish, matures at just 15 mm., and rarely exceeds the twenties. Despite of its minuscule size, O. gracilis is an apex predator within the boisterous micro realm thriving over the surface of the posidonia leaves. Image shows a 5:1 close up of an adult specimen scrutinizing at the strange creature at the other side of the leave he is clinging on. Surely, one of the most challenging portraits I have ever done underwater.

Location: Mediterranean sea, Spain

Tags: Angel Fitor, clingfish, fish, green, macro, posidonia, seagrass

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  1. Teresa said:

    05/04/2015 15:20

    Tu como siempre, impecable, ameno, detallista al nanómetro y bueno, excelente fotógrafo y narrador! Extraño nuestras conversaciones. Eres una de las pocas personas que conozco con quienes no tengo que cuidar mis palabras. Un abrazo Angel!