Zoltán Gergely Nagy - Blue hour at the river


When temperatures started to stay under the -15 degree Celsius mark for longer periods of time, I headed upstream on the Mures river to see how it’s resident inhabitants are coping. With all the smaller streams frozen solid, all the dippers from the adjacent mountains were at the last unfrozen parts of the big river. The ice shapes fascinated me and I used to stay out until dark to try to catch a glimpse of the otters that have been leaving marks on the ice. As the dippers tucked themselves in for the night I wondered how an otter-dipper interaction would look like on this frozen river that I have portrayed from a bridge, in an attemp to capture the essence of it freezing over. The otters have been too shy for daylight so far.

Location: Mures Gorge, Romania

Tags: cinclus_cinclus, dipper, ice, Mures, river, Romania, winter

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