Angel Fitor - Appearances are deceptive


From an aseptic, yet insensitive point of view, natural subjects are always the same. A fish will always be a fish.

Therefore, it is not right on them where the potential to express yourself hides, but on the ability to imagine different worlds where those subjects get a new life after passing the filter of a human mind.

Blennies are among the most common, and popular fishes to portray. Quite often, they are bold, colourful, and easy to find and approach. Definitely a favourite subject for most u/w photographers.

But this particular one, was located at the entrance of an underwater cave, at the ceiling of which there was a hole where the waves were violently breaking. So then I started to think how to take the plain biological fact which constitutes a blenny´s stoic ability to live right under the surf, and move it towards the old photographic game of confusion. Was him maybe blowing smoke?, or maybe just breathing?; was him standing under the Milky Way?.

Honestly, this it´s up to your imagination, because as a photographer I was sure that I just had represented an ordinary reality, in an extraordinary way for you to excite your mind, which is after all one of the main goals, joys, and challenges in photography.

Location: Mediterranean sea, Spain

Tags: Angel Fitor, blenny, CFWA, fish, macro

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  1. Teresa Castañeda said:

    06/03/2015 14:05

    Excellent image / description piece of art, as always Angel!