Angel Fitor - Origins


As a naturalist I have always felt unhealthy fascinated by the origin of life on Earth, and I have spent a lot of time on the hunt of a glimpse of such a determinant event in a single frame. Jellyfish are among the oldest living creatures in our planet, and in my mind their simplicity, beauty and bizarre shapes make a perfect subject to try to evoke a scene which might have taken place more than 600 million years ago. Reconstructing the history of Life through photography.

Location: Mediterranean sea, Spain

Tags: Angel Fitor, blue, Cotylorhiza, jellyfish, Mediterranean Sea, underwater

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  1. Alex Mustard said:

    05/02/2015 11:47

    Beautiful, impressionistic water

  2. Candice Salem Smallwood said:

    05/02/2015 16:24

    Angels work is very visceral. It is as if each photo possesses a living beating heart and soul. Transforming.

  3. Angel Fitor said:

    05/02/2015 21:39

    I couldn't have expected a better welcome. Thank you ver y much!