Iñaki Relanzón - Adélie Penguin in Antartica


This Adélie penguin was looking to my camera, and I decided to abstract the picture cuting the portrait with a huge white area in the image.

Tags: antartica, cold, eyes, iñaki, Inaki Relanzon, penguin, relanzon, snow, White, winter

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  1. Minna Lindroth said:

    12/01/2015 09:05

    Good decision! The way the whiteness continues smoothly out from the Adélie - very smart.

  2. Harma said:

    12/01/2015 10:16


  3. Marga Manrique said:

    12/01/2015 12:56

    Gracias Iñaki!!! Veo que escogiste la primera opción