Bruno D'Amicis - Other side


This picture has been taken from a ridge in the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park (Italy) and spans over the mysterious Mainarde mountain range in the foreground and down until the Matese massif. It has been taken on a mission for the project “L’Altro Versante” (the “other side”) and I picked it for this post as it includes many “other sides” in itself. With it, I would like to wish you a happy, healthy, peaceful, successful and wild 2015, with the invitation to always look on the “other side” of things and to nurture that curiosity that keeps us discovering and learning.

Location: Molise, Italy

Tags: abruzzo, bruno damicis, colors, italy, molise, mountains, snow, wildness, winter

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  1. Johan Van Hoof said:

    05/01/2015 11:10

    Lovely image once again ! Great atmosphere !


  2. Photo(geo)grapher said:

    08/02/2015 18:46

    Beautiful colors and amazing detail. Excellent work!