Theo Bosboom - Sand snow sea sky


If you are photographing in the vicinity of icons, like here on the black lava beach between a couple of famous rocks and sea stacks near Vik, Iceland, you will often find that these icons work like a magnet on your camera. And this is understandable, because they are not icons for nothing and usually they are extremely beautiful and photogenic.

But sometimes it makes sense to try to leave the icons out of your picture, because they will immediately draw the attention of the viewer and will overshadow the other elements in the picture. So if you want to put emphasis on the elements, leave the icons out! And this is just what I did here. The combination of sand, sea, snow and sky was more than enough for me to take my camera of the bag and I was quite happy with the ‘silent’ picture that was the result.

Location: Vik, Iceland

Tags: black, Iceland, Landscape, nature, sea, snow, Theo Bosboom, Vik, winter

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  1. Susan. v Rij said:

    14/11/2014 10:47

    Mèèr blijk je niet nodig te hebben voor een prachtige foto!