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A couple of days ago London Zoological Society and WWF released the Living Planet Index for 2014. The results are, if not surprising, without doubt alarming. According to the findings the global population of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish have halved in 40 years. A staggering 52 % average decline between 1970 and 2010 is of such impact it is hard to grasp. Terrestrial mammals declined by 39 %, marine species the same while the impact on freshwater populations have been severe with a 76 % decline!

So what is the cause of this frightening statistics? Well, it is us! Nearly 82 % of the decline is driven by unsustainable human consumption divided into exploitation, habitat degradation and loss.

This report made me think of a quote from one of the most fascination people I have ever met, Rosamaria Ruiz. She is indigenous to the Madidi national park in Bolivia where I photographed this orphaned Spider Monkey at the rescue centre, and a true spokesman for conservation of the Bolivian rainforest and the environment. “Mother Nature keeps providing us with everything we need, and still we keep fucking her over”!

Location: Madidi NP, Bolivia

Tags: Bolivia, conservation, Living planet index, LZS, roy mangersnes, Spider Monkey, WWF

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  1. Dirk said:

    02/10/2014 09:23

    Your picture fits your thoughts perfectly!
    But one simple truth is, we can't live without "Mother Nature", but nature will stay alive without us. I'm deeply convinced that in about one thousand years there will be only some small and isolated human populations left, without any technological or industrial capabilities. And with the passing of our species, nature will recover, in fact much faster as most people guess.
    We are nothing but a very short episode in the story of life on this planet. After our suicide life will continue as it does for ages. In consideration of our behaviour for me this is the only consoling thought.