Bruno D'Amicis - Surprise


After 2013 had been a massive mast year in the Apennine beech woods, 2014 is consequently a year of rodent invasion. This, in turn, will affect positively all medium-size carnivores and birds of prey that had successful and abundant reproduction. So, the woods are teeming with foxes, owls, buzzards. Such cycles take place every 4-6 years and are an amazing experience. Here, a bank vole, pops out of its hole between the roots of a century-old beech tree.

Location: Abruzzo, Italy

Tags: abruzzo, bank vole, beechwood, bruno damicis, chletrionomys glareolus, spring

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  1. Olivier Esnault said:

    20/08/2014 08:24

    Excellent !
    So cute...