Emmanuel Boitier - A clown in the garden


A clown in the garden…
A caterpillar of swallowtail butterfly passed a few days ago in the garden, lingering over carrots and other umbelliferaes.

Location: Auvergne, France

Tags: auvergne, butterfly, caterpillar, color, Emmanuel Boitier, france, pailio machaon

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  1. Federico Palmero said:

    15/08/2014 19:42

    Wonderful composition with color. You achieved an amazing field of depth in a macro picture. The lighting is also perfect, with that semishade on the caterpillar. I am astonished with the extreme quality of the image.

  2. Emmanuel said:

    19/08/2014 10:48

    I'm certainly flattered. Really, I am. Thank you very much Federico!