Bruno D'Amicis - Judas tree


Photography is usually considered a solitary profession and photographers are more than often solo-players. This is changing and more and more collective projects appear on the horizon, showing the immense potential of collective work. We, at Nature Photo Blog, already demonstrated the pleasure of joining forces to create something that simply couldn’t be achieved by just one person. Now, with this image of the delicate flowers of the Judas tree timidly blooming on the tree branches in a soft morning light, I would like to introduce you to a newborn project, “L’Altro Versante” (“The other side”), which sees me, my friend, stellar photographer and fellow NPBer, Luciano Gaudenzio, and the great photographer Maurizio Biancarelli working together for a great quest: three years to travel across Italy, to photograph more than 100 locations and document the “last places” of our country. The most remote, pristine and unknown landscapes of the Italian peninsula and islands. As these tiny flowers start blooming at the end of winter in the hope of sunny days, please wish us good luck for this new adventure and follow our missions on our website:

Location: Tolfa hills, Latium, Italy

Tags: altro versante, bruno damicis, cercis siliquastrum, color, italy, judas tree, spring

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  1. Johan Van Hoof said:

    05/05/2014 08:30

    Nice picture Bruno ! (As usual)

    All the best with the new project, the best of luck and tons of fun !
    I will be in Italy at the start of June, I'm going to spend my holiday in the Gran Paradiso !

    Take care