Jaak Põder - In the undergrowth


Last Saturday I planned to visit a place I go every spring – NPB people who were in Estonia 2 years ago know it also as the lizard spot. I set off in the morning and… never got there. The reason was a short stop halfway that turned into jumping spider frenzy – they were species that I had not met before, they were doing their courtship stuff (and not minding me too much) and the best part – they were doing it on the ground in the forest where only very low moss grew. So I finally got some pics of my favourites not just sitting on a leaf or a branch, but actually walking in the forest :).

P.S. The latin name _Aelurillus v-insignitus_ comes from the V-shaped sign on top of male spider’s head.

Location: Estonia

Tags: Aelurillus v-insignitus, hüpikämblik, jaak poder, salticidae

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