Iñaki Relanzón - Breeding Barn Owl


I’m leaving in a small village, with less than 50 people. Every night, after the sunset, the Scops Owl, the Little Owl and the Barn Owl, starts a beautiful collection of sounds, calling their neighbours around the village. The curious thing about this pictures is was taken more than 20 years ago, with a medium format camera and slides filme.

Tags: Bird, iñaki, Inaki Relanzon, night, owl, relanzon

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  1. Raym said:

    27/04/2014 17:33

    this one is awesome!

  2. Armando Maniciati said:

    27/04/2014 18:08

    A stage, for the first actor!

  3. Judy Royal Glenn said:

    30/04/2014 23:03

    Beautiful capture!