Werner Bollmann - Battle On The Bog


To watch the group display of the Black Grouse on the lek site is one of the most fascinating experiences you can get as a nature photographer. At least for me it is … It’s the sum of many little components that makes this great mosaic of joy: To walk over the frozen bog in the middle of the night, waiting for the birds in complete darkness, trying to ignore the cold. To hear the Tengmalm’s Owl calling while waiting. The arrival of the combattants in the dawn, their otherworldly sounds and noises, shadows in the twilight. And finally the rise of the spring sun, illuminating the frosted bog, shining through the morning mist. A crane’s call from afar. You can feel the power of spring. And all of a sudden all the black knights disappear into the woods. Time for a hot cup of coffee …

Location: Sweden

Tags: black grouse, bog, bogs, spring, tetrao tetrix, werner bollmann

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  1. LK said:

    19/03/2014 19:13

    Such magical atmosphere right there!
    Good photo!