Werner Bollmann - Old Couple


Raven couples use to stay together their whole life like many other representatives of the corvid family. Scientists found out that this strategy increases the breeding success significantly. Obviously it’s the same thing like with human couples: The longer they know each other the better they know what to expect from a partner…

Location: Finland

Tags: corvus corax, forest, raven, snow, taiga, werner bollmann, winter

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  1. Sascha said:

    19/01/2014 10:35

    Great shot. Would love to know more about the mentioned study. Any references? Thank you.

  2. Werner said:

    19/01/2014 22:59

    Hey Sascha,

    I heard that from a good friend of mine (he is a biologist). So, sorry, no link I could send you...

  3. Bruno said:

    20/01/2014 01:20

    Outstanding image, Werner. I knew the story too...
    Sascha, this might help:
    Fraser O.N., Bugnyar T. The quality of social relationships in ravens. Animal Behaviour. 2010

  4. Florian Moellers said:

    20/01/2014 17:30

    Bernd Heinrich's "Mind of the Raven: Investigations and Adventures with Wolf-Birds (1999)" is a milestone in behavioural ecology and has a bucketload of scientific findings on ravens - mostly his own award-winning work from the U.S. - a very good read. Just as this is a very good image, Werner!

  5. Werner said:

    20/01/2014 20:49

    Dear Bruno, dear Florian,

    thanks God for my good friends with their profound biological education!

    Greetings from Europe's fridge (this morning minus 38°C)